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about me:

Growing up, sport quickly came to play a significant role in my life, as did working with others to help them achieve their goals, whether on or off the field.
And which is why I am so passionate about my role as a Personal Trainer.


Being able to incorporate my passion for sport and fitness while helping others to reach their goals is very important to me.
Seeing the effect of successful training, when a client begins to see the progress that is important to them, or the confidence in their body language when they achieve their desired goal keeps me motivated as a Personal Trainer.

In order to pursue my career in fitness, I originally undertook a Sports National Diploma, which enabled me to gain a knowledge and understanding of a range of sports, of sports coaching, rehabilitation and of training methodology.


Throughout my time at college I also played semi-professional football, which helped build a strong foundation for my personal training today.


Being able to understand different types of training methods and how to engage my clients to get the best from their training sessions is one of my key strengths, and has proved to be valuable to my clients, as it helps them to stay motivated in achieving their long-term fitness goals.


My mission today is to help my clients to overcome the barriers between them and their path to fitness.


In so doing I understand the impact that age, lifestyle, career, personal injury and a lack of time can have when trying to achieve sustainable personal fitness. But there are ways of overcoming such obstacles with the right approach and attitude.


Which is what I bring to my client's training and their individual path to lifelong and sustainable fitness; realistic ways to achieve fitness.

Jubilee Hall Gym:

Jubilee Hall Gym
Jubilee Hall Gym
Jubilee Hall Gym
Whatever your level of fitness, whatever your goals, the friendly, sun-lit Jubilee Hall warehouse gym has something for everyone.


Jubilee Hall boasts the largest free weights in Central London with over 9500Kgs of plates and dumbbells ranging from 1kg – 60kg.


It also has a wide range of strength equipment gives you everything you need in resistance training, from the easy-to-use Nautilus One Series circuit, to selectorised weight stacks, functional cable machines and a full set of plate-loaded kit.


Both the Jubilee Hall changing rooms are superbly air conditioned and equipped with large day lockers which operate on a £1 coin return basis.


The saunas are integrated into each changing area and are free for all membership categories.


In additional the Jubilee Hall Energy Cafe offers a variety of healthy and nutritious meals, drinks, snacks and supplements. 

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