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What my most recent clients have to say about why they chose to work with me, my services and the training they have received from me.


Erykson is a great trainer.


He's focused on helping you achieve results and makes the workouts really challenging, but not brutal. He's friendly and nice, but knows when to talk and when to let you focus.


I've had a lot of trainers around the world and Erykson ranks among the best.


Richard Mason (Novelist)

Debi Doy on

Already attending the gym five days a week, as well as running 10k at weekends, I was frustrated as to why I wasn't seeing the results I physically wanted.


I already felt fit and healthy and didn't need PT sessions for motivation purposes, but I did need guidance as to how to improve my workout and maximise the time I already spent in the gym. 


I approached Erykson because of his manner.


He is friendly, whilst remaining professional; making me feel at ease, which for me is just as important as achieving the results I desired. It's taken time and dedication, but my regular twice-weekly 1 hour sessions with him are paying off.


He has helped me focus on specific areas, keeps my work out fresh and also guided me with my diet, which is just as crucial as the time you spend in the gym.


I am my own worse critic, but can genuinely say that I can see the changes that I once thought were not possible and I'm now in a happier place with my body as a result.


Debi Doy (Personal Assistant)

Felipe Poveda on

I worked out with Erykson weekly for a year before my office relocated.


I thoroughly enjoyed every session and got fitter than I've ever been! The variety of exercises and his help with motivation were fantastic.


Felipe Poveda, Financial Media

Neil Sachdev on

Erykson is a great motivator and someone who makes a point of understanding one’s needs, and then targeting one or two towards those needs in a focussed and targeted programme.


His programme is ‘honest’ and one that leads to realistic and sustainable results.


After the sessions it is clear it’s up to you.


Neil Sachdev (Director)

Richard Mason on
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